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New EP in the works! 

Hi everyone, I am currently working on a new rock EP. I am moving away from more traditional kirtan to reach a wider audience. I hope you all like the new sound, and of course your support is always appreciated. Thanks so much!

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In my new book, Sean, one of the main characters, asks me what would I do if today were my last day. What would you do if today was your last day?

Go to work at my cubicle 238
Tell the people I love how much they mean to me. 8
Go to the video store and veg out in my living room 3
Watch an old Super Bowl game over and over again 0
Pray/meditate/chant for world peace 4
Write the Prezident a really long love letter 0
253 responses
We have spent $1.7 trillion on US wars since 9/11. Why not spend it for peace instead? Kalidas is a proud supporter of the following non-profits for peace:
Kalidas believes that sustainability begins with the individual. We should consider a move from mass consumption
to using as little plastic, gas, and meat consumption as possible to more eco-friendly alternatives.
Just Say No to Plastics
Why Go Vegan/Vegetarian?
Why Go Organic?
Kill Your TV

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