Don't Vote 4 Trump and other love songs by Kalidas

You can pre-order the EP on Bandcamp! 

Official release date is November 15th!

Don't Vote 4 Trump and other love songs


Kalidas decided to help with voting Trump out of office when he put together his new single "Don't Vote 4 Trump." This single metamorphosed into the lead track for his EP "Don't Vote 4 Trump and other love songs." The album reflects the diverse range of thoughts and feelings of the artist and affirms his desire to create a more progressive, open society.

The songs range from political satire on the corruption of the current election system to a humorous love ballad to sweeping instrumentals. The idea behind the music is not to create a formula for success but to be in the moment. This is why the range of the songs is so vast. They are as complex and multi-dimensional as the artist.

Kalidas sayeth, "Our myopic focus in the past has brought us to this point, but I believe the spirit of the young people of the world is where change begins."

The songs were recorded in Los Angeles, Detroit and New Mexico. Kalidas plays synth, guitar and sings. He is accompanied by Ved, Peter Oviatt, Brent Berry, and Deepak Ramapriyan. For more information and to support his music, visit
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