Kalidas is committed to promoting a more peaceful, sustainable world. Kalidas promotes the following policies to create a better world:

1. Diplomacy over war. All of our presidents in recent history have gone into war after war. We need to use diplomacy to solve problems instead of jumping into war after war as the solution. Nuclear war is not an option since it destroys the environment around the "enemy" by radiating a whole region. 

2. No gun sales to human rights abusing countries. The US has a history of selling weapons to human rights abusing countries. We need to change that. The "business" of weapons creates a never ending cycle of war. In fact the US has had to face its own weapons in combat on numerous occasions. Also the taxpayers help subsidize these billions of dollars in sales.

3. Converting to a vegan/vegetarian diet. The meat/dairy industry is inhumane. The UN supports veganism and the Guardian writes that "a global shift towards a vegan diet is vital to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty, and the worst impacts of climate change." Also taxpayers subsidize the meat and dairy industry. Your hamburger is not cheap. It's subsidized as in the weapons and war industries, therefore the government takes money from people who even disagree with these policies.

4. Wise energy choices. Nuclear is problematic in terms of shelf life of waste. We need conversion to more renewable sources like wind, solar, etc. and simply use less energy. We should use more sustainable building/housing options, which already exist when available (cobs, strawbales, etc.). 

5. End torture. Whether in the US or abroad, torture as a policy does not work. Torturing a person gets them to say anything to stop the torture regardless of whether what they are saying is true or not. Besides torture is barbaric.

Kalidas endorses the following organizations for peace and diplomacy:


Win without War

Peace Action

Veterans for Peace


Food Not Bombs

Why Vegan?