Kalidas' Story

Kalidas is a musician, writer, spiritual coach and teacher. Kalidas' artistry stems from his meditative background. He lived in the great Southwest where he spent 11 years studying Eastern philosophy and volunteering in different spiritual communities. He read every spiritual book he could get his hands on, always trying to understand the Way.

His music is diverse and wide ranging. It has been licensed by MTV, the Discovery Network and NASCAR. Full discography below.

Kalidas has published "L.A. Sadhu" available on all major digital platforms.  "L.A. Sadhu" documents his 11 year journey into the world of spiritual communities as well as his years in Los Angeles living as a spiritual practitioner yet simultaneously integrating back into the mainstream culture. 

Kalidas is a graduate of Vanderbilt University as well as the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. He is a certified life coach through the Life Coach Training Institute. You can support his vision by buying his art, making a donation, or hiring him as a life coach.

Music Discography:

1. I'm not in love with you (corona) (2020/single)

2. Don't Vote 4 Trump and other love songs (2019/EP)

3. Love over Guns (2015/guitar instrumental album)

4. Sacred to the mystic (2013/chant album)